Build Order Reference

Basic Build Orders

Newer players start here: these are the four most important strategies for players just getting started with build orders.

22 pop Scouts
23 pop Archers
28+2 FC - Knights
27+2 FC - Boom

Build Orders for Arabia

These cover the most important strategies for 1v1 Arabia and other open-type maps.

21 pop Scouts
21 pop Scouts - Skirms
21 pop Scouts - Archers
22 pop Archers
22 pop Men-at-Arms - Archers
28 pop Drush - Archers
32+2 Drush - FC


23 pop Scouts
24 pop Archers

Builds Orders for Water Maps

Fish are always worth taking when available, so you need to incorporate them into your builds.

26 pop Full Water
26 pop Hybrid

Builds Orders for Arena

These are just a introduction to the type of builds that are used on this map. They all assume pushing at least 3 deer before the villagers under the TC run out of food.

25+2 3TC Boom
27+2 4TC Boom
27+2 Scouts + Monks
26+2 Castle Drop
Turks 29+2+2 FI

More Builds Orders

Various builds orders, which didn't quite make it into the main guide

For Arabia

20 pop Scouts
21 pop Archers
32+2 Pre-Mill Drush - FC
19 pop Towers
Khmer 18 pop Scouts
Malay 24 pop Archers

For Arena

23+2 3TC Booms
25+2 4TC Booms
31+2+4 FI - Monks + Trebs
Byz/Ita 29+2+4 FI - Monks + Trebs
Burmese 28+2 Double Arambai
Khmer 28+0 4TC Boom