Build Order Reference

20 pop Scouts

Without a civ bonus or deer you will struggle to get constant scout production, so this build is about doing damage with your first few scouts before walls can go up. (You can also try to make use of the +2 attack your starting scout gets upon hitting Feudal.) This build is significantly better with good scout civs, since they usually have some eco bonus.

Build Order wood food gold stone
6 on sheep 6
3 on wood 3 6
1 lure boar, then +1 on sheep 3 8
4 on berries 3 12
+2 on boar, move 1 to farm* 3 14
Rest to wood 5 14
Advancing to Feudal
↑10 on wood [2nd LC] 10 9
Build barracks

*Optional - skip if pushing deer.